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Diamond Offshore Wind (DOW), its parents and affiliates, bring decades of experience successfully developing, constructing, and operating major energy assets, both domestically within the U.S. and internationally including experience owning and operating 7 commercial scale offshore wind projects as well as experience owning and operating 12 independent offshore wind transmission lines totaling more than 1,300 kilometers in length.  


Most recently Mitsubishi Corporation was awarded 3 commercial scale projects in Japan totaling more than 1,600 MW.    


Launched in June 2019 by Governor Janet Mills, the Maine Offshore Wind Initiative aims to explore thoughtful development of floating offshore wind energy in the Gulf of Maine, while ensuring balance with our state’s maritime industries and environment. 

Maine Offshore Wind Initiative Website


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Located off the shores of Maine, New England Aqua Ventus I is a floating offshore wind pilot project designed to produce up to 12 MW of clean, renewable energy.

New England Aqua Ventus Website


Cutting-Edge Technology That Reduces Energy Costs & Minimizes Impact To Our Environment

Project Scope

New England Aqua Ventus I is an approximately 11 Megawatt (MW) floating offshore wind pilot project to develop a clean, renewable energy source off Maine’s shores.

This demonstration project is unique in that it will mount an approximately 11 MW wind turbine to a floating semisubmersible concrete hull called the VolturnUS, designed by the Advanced Structures and Composites Center at the University of Maine. The patented VolturnUS hull technology has been demonstrated in independent reports to reduce the cost of offshore wind. The turbine is held in position by three marine mooring lines securely anchored to the seabed, and connected by subsea cable to the Maine power grid.

The project goals are to demonstrate the innovative design of the VolturnUS with a full-size offshore wind turbine, work with local contractors and manufacturers to generate local economic benefit, create and keep Maine jobs in Maine, and provide renewable energy now and in the future.

Locally-produced energy generation for a brighter future.

Fishermens Portal


Notice to Mariners

All vessels have demobilized and the seabed survey is complete. Thank you for your patience and cooperation that permitted the survey to be conducted in a timely manner. There is a compensation program in the event of gear loss that may have taken place outside of the survey corridor.

Gear Loss 

If lobster gear is lost due to day-to-day operations of New England Aqua Ventus, lobstermen may apply for reimbursement of lost gear through this form.  Click the button below to download the form.

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The world needs more sustainable power every day.

Please reach out to us with any inquiries and we will do our best to reply in a timely fashion.


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